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Based on over 20 years of experience and backed by extensive research and development, BTX now offers the largest program of automated window coverings systems in the industry.  Every BTX system is the product of a strong commitment to excellence in performance, reliability and control.




BTX systems are built to exact specifications and are available in a wide range of custom options, from motor strength and track curving to controls, including IR and RF radio remote, switch, wall keypad, touchpad, timer, sun sensor, network and even Z-Wave.  With a wide array of applications and a reutation for reliability, BTX systems are featured in some of the most prominent homes, civic and corporate headquarters, and hotels across the globe.
With unsurpassed technical assistance to guide system selection and installation, as well as the largest range of tailor-fit applications, BTX offers the systems and services you need.



EML Energy Management and Lighting Systems Limited

Turkey Branch; 1) TevfikSaglam Cad. No.26/1 Kucukyalı 34840 - Istanbul - Türkiye 2) Muş Sokak Evreka Sitesi A5 Blk. D 4 Soganlık 34880 - Kartal - Istanbul - Türkiye T / +90 216 388 1687 T&F +90 216 672 1085 e-mail : info@eml-tr.com

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