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Azerbaijan-Baku office was opened

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Philips Dynalite designs and manufactures technology solutions for lighting control and building automation applications. Initially developed for large-scale projects, Philips Dynalite's distributed intelligence system is equally suited to small installations. As an industry segment leader, our reputation as a provider of superior solutions extends to over fifty countries around the world.
Our products and systems can be broadly defined into three market segments; architectural lighting control, home automation and energy management . more>


Welcome to Cathode Lighting Systems. We design and manufacture the highest quality, most complete line of UL-listed and CE approved cold cathode lighting systems and fixtures available. Our product line includes custom and modular lighting for commercial and residential applications. From dry interior to wet exterior locations, we offer lighting solutions for every environment . more >



Based on over 20 years of experience and backed by extensive research and development, BTX now offers the largest program of automated window coverings systems in the industry.  Every BTX system is the product of a strong commitment to excellence in performance, reliability and control . more>



Philips Color Kinetics transforms environments through dynamic and more efficient uses of light. Its award-winning lighting systems and technologies apply the benefits of LEDs as a highly efficient, long lasting, environmentally friendly, and inherently digital source of illumination - reinventing light itself as a highly controllable medium . more>


The original Philips Pronto singlehandedly created a new class of programmable  touchscreen remote controls for intuitive operation. Today, the concept has evolved into an integrated control solution for conventional home theater, multimedia content and lighting. With a combination of infrared control* and WiFi® wireless control, Pronto provides true multi-room control. more>

EML Energy Management and Lighting Systems Limited

Turkey Branch; 1) TevfikSaglam Cad. No.26/1 Kucukyalı 34840 - Istanbul - Türkiye 2) Muş Sokak Evreka Sitesi A5 Blk. D 4 Soganlık 34880 - Kartal - Istanbul - Türkiye T / +90 216 388 1687 T&F +90 216 672 1085 e-mail :

Azerbaijan Branch; EML-Building Lighting Technology MMC ( BLT ) Villa Plaza , Yasar Huseyinov No:17/2 Narimanov - BAKU T & F / +994 12 465 4321 Mob. +994 55 259 2630 e-mail :

Russia Branch ;  Isakovskovo st. 28, qr.2, ldg.699 123181, Moscow, Russia T +7 926 599 29 48   e-mail :